Meet Our Certified Trainers
Our independent, certified personal trainers have the highest credentials including bachelor’s and master’s degrees in exercise science, as well as the top certifications in our industry. These factors will significantly enhance the quality of training you experience at Evolution Trainers.
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Relax & Sweat Your Way To Health & Fitness
Take your fitness to the next level with our new Infrared Sauna Sessions. This 30-minute therapy should be a vital part of your health and fitness routine. Learn more about it or call us at 650-965-2858 to set up for your first FREE SESSION today.

Training Trainers
Workshops are necessities for competent trainers—to keep up with new trends and techniques. Evolution Training’s facility is one of the best places for these workshops, so that’s why there is at least one a month here.
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Small Group Personal Training Is All This And More
Small group training offers you extra support to help you reach your fitness goals, enhances your training for a particular sport or helps take your workout goals to the next level—at a fraction of the cost of private personal training.
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Facility Pass Options
Work with your own Certified Personal Trainer, or be part of our Small Group Training and Bootcamps. We offer it all, plus a FREE EVALUATION! Talk with us. Visit our world class facility. Stop by to pick up a Standard Facility Pass or a VIP Pass.
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